I’m Someone’s…

These feelings They make me happy… I don’t know how to explain them I don’t wish to explain


The Global Poverty Project

As Nelson Mandala said during his Inauguration Day as the President of South Africa in 1994, “We pledge

Heart is Cold, Heart is Warm

Walking solely through dark shades I don’t want to be saved I’m not going to be afraid I

Perhaps A Ghost I Was

Let’s pretend I wasn’t real !! A ghost I was  Perhaps an Angel! You choose. Let’s pretend that

Just Not For You

People often assume heartbreak is caused by someone they care deeply about. But the truth is, more often

Setting Goals For The New Year

It’s almost New Year, and it’s time to set your goals. I personally never wrote a resolution. For


In the word “Similarity” We find symmetry in our world, and the outer world In places where serenity


Waldorf Astoria- A Home Away from Home (@WaldorfRAK, @raktourism)

Ideal for a staycation, the Waldorf Astoria in Ras Al Khaimah is less than an hour drive away

A Cliché

You ever hear the phrase “life goes on” and think duh, what a cliché! But if you really


Muslim Women Playing The Beautiful Game

Despite their conservative reputation, a growing number of veiled Muslim women are taking up football… and giving men