In the word “Similarity” We find symmetry in our world, and the outer world In places where serenity


Waldorf Astoria- A Home Away from Home (@WaldorfRAK, @raktourism)

Ideal for a staycation, the Waldorf Astoria in Ras Al Khaimah is less than an hour drive away

A Cliché

You ever hear the phrase “life goes on” and think duh, what a cliché! But if you really


Muslim Women Playing The Beautiful Game

Despite their conservative reputation, a growing number of veiled Muslim women are taking up football… and giving men

The Girl That Fell

I’ve watched so many sappy romantic movies, might have even cried over some, and read countless love books,

BANG Shall Not Stop Me From My Dreams

“BANG!” I hit my head so hard into one of the invisible walls that I thought were clear


She lives alone In a place she has created for her own She colors and writes on her

Walking In The Dark

When a person walks into a dark place, they generally think that they won’t be able to maneuver

Cool Remarketing Strategies for Your Business Today

Cool Remarketing Strategies for Your Business Today It must have happened to you; you visit a certain site


It’s an elephant, I have an elephant now It follows me everywhere Sometimes it wanders off somewhere When