Apparently, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way, yet I’ve never seen the combination on any pharmacy nor supermarket shelf. To mention sugar would ignite a debate of health & safety and bring about countless theories, reports and mimes so I’ll steer clear of that topic.

However, the device of measurement intrigues me; spoons. These interesting culinary devices can be found in various shapes, sizes and materials yet their purpose is simple; to dispense a dose.

Responsible parents aspire to give their children large doses of love, attention & education and conversely low dose of TV and junk food. Naturally parents would want to shower their children with all their love and no spoon would ever be big enough to shovel that dose. In Dubai, we try to give our children the best education possible and may even make sacrifices ourselves to ensure that they get the best available education. Our best intentions are driven to give our children all that they deserve and though that may mean working harder or longer we will always try to give them our attention however distracting Twitter or Pinterest or Facebook may be.

Now some parents due to the luck of the draw of life, may be able to give their children everything effortlessly yet may fail in the art of teaching their children the value of things they have attained. This failed education is instantly recognisable and measureable in later years and could portray their parental upbringing in a relatively negative light.

The dosage of parental love you receive is generally immeasurable, who can tally the prayers of a mother or the toils of a father? Yet receiving less is not a sign of neglect, far form it, the micro managing of a parent-offspring relationship is by far the hardest thing to balance for fear of backlash (we all remember our rebellious teenage years?) Hence only when a child matures or has children of his or her own do they realise the equilibrium a parent tries to negotiate to ensure that their child is neither spoiled nor neglected.

Being born with a silver spoon means you have more opportunities to make more choices compared to your peers, so make the most of the advantage. If you haven’t learnt how to stir with your spoon, don’t spit it out but at the same time be sure not to swallow it as you will most probably choke and stunt your growth.

Be Generous During the Month of Giving

give a meal

Yes, it’s that time of year again in which families become closer, abstaining becomes essential and faith in God grows stronger. The holy month of Ramadan is around the corner, what is your goal for Ramadan this year? To recite the Quran fully three times? To attend prayers in the mosque daily? Or to let out the juices of generosity and give back to society. If you are currently reading this article, you live a very fortunate life. In which you have a healthy set of eyes and a mind capable of processing such knowledge. Perhaps you are relaxing and keeping warm with a cup of herbals or at work getting caught up with the latest news. All of these are things to be grateful for, grateful for the roof above our heads and the food in our fridges, it is time to give back to people who may not have as much of us.

As young Muslim children we are taught at an early age to fast, at the ages of seven and eight, we fast half a day and try to prove to our elders that we can make it until Iftar time. As we get older and grow more mature, it turns into an annual ritual. Although many wonder why is it that we were told to fast? There were actually multiple reasons, although one of the most important was to feel the hunger and agony of the less fortunate. We are required to fast from dawn till dusk, abstaining from food and drink. Although there is much more to fasting then not eating, it is a mental cleaning, we are required to think holy thoughts and refrain from committing any crime, even if it is as simple as telling a white lie. When we fast, we feel weak, low in energy and it is difficult to function, it is extremely difficult for working people especially if they were hooked on caffeine. All of this is served to remind us how privileged we are, and how we should give back to people who live their lives malnourished.

The GiveAMeal Campaign will begin this year on the first day of Ramadan and will span over the thirty days. The objective of the GiveAMeal Campaign is to provide a healthy and well balanced meal to the workers and laborers of Abu Dhabi. Through this experience, Emirati nationals and expatriates will come together and work during fasting hours to give a meal to the less fortunate of Abu Dhabi. This way the true meaning of Ramadan will be felt and we will be giving back to the people who have helped build our society. One cannot go through a simple day without making an impact on the world around you, so let it be positive. It doesn’t need to be huge or recognized by everyone, one small act of kindness could change a person’s outlook of life, you could give them hope.

Support the GiveAMeal Campaign on intstagram “giveameal” and twitter “giveamealad”, volunteers needed, contact Giveameal@hotmail.com for further information.