Seeking A Path

Picture taken by Mohammed Alahbabi

Picture taken by Mohammed Alahbabi

Life always hides its most exquisite beauty in the simplest things, yet our eyes always seek beauty behind more complicated and mind intriguing things.

Seek simplicity and you will achieve happiness through being content. Be realistic at the same time by accepting the simple things that you have in hand and you are able to reach. Accept what is in reach, endure it, be thankful for it, and it’s never wrong to go higher a step to gain more in life, but never take what you had or have in hand for granted, always look back, smile, and appreciate.

While you go on higher in your life, always put in mind you were somewhere and you took a path to finally reach where you are today. Never forget your past and what you have been through, because that is what made you the person you are today.

في هذا العيد، سأعيد نفسي بالذاكرة

Picture taken by Abdulla AlMehairbi (@3bdulla_m7airbi)

Picture taken by Abdulla AlMehairbi (@3bdulla_m7airbi)


في هذا العيد سأعيد نفسي إلى ذاكرة

..بيتنا القديم

ورائحة البخور

..ولحية جدي البيضاء

ومفرش والدي في “الليوان” بالقرب من الهاتف

..والستارة التي تفصل ليواننا وغرف النوم


سأعيد نفسي بالذاكرة لصبغة الجدران الزرقاء

..”وعامودين أثنين كنا نتكئ عليهما لنتابع برامج التلفزيون لقناتين أو ثلاثة .. أغلبها تعود لتبث أغنية صفاء بالسعود “أهلاً بالعيد


..سأعود لذاكرة فرحتي ب”كندورتي” البيضاء ونعلي الجديد

مروراً ببيوت الجيران نجمع عيادينا بعد أن نجتمع في نقطة

ثم يبدأ المسير


٥٠ فلس

كانت تلك عيادينا وفرحتنا

..ثم نستظل بشجرة نَعد حصليتنا من العيد

..وبيدنا كيس بلاستيكي يحتضن حلويات من بيت بائعة الفريج أم عصام


سأرجع نفسي

لذاكرة يسكن فيها والدي

تفوح منه رائحة دهن العود ولمشهد تقتنصه أخواتي في تهنديم ملابسه وتبخير ثيابه

..”وتسكير معاقم ” لباسه


..سأرجع بذاكرتي إلى حاجتي لإحتضان والدي ولكن الخجل يمنعني من ذلك

..تماشياً مع أن العادات ترى في ذلك نقصاً

سأعود لذاكرة تقبيلي يديه وجبينه وكتفه

..وافتراش أرض مصلى العيد بسجادة بجانب سجادته والترديد مع جمع المصلين

الله أكبر الله أكبر”

لا إله إلا الله

الله أكبر الله أكبر

“ولله الحمد

وبعد الفراغ من صلاة العيد

..نهنئ بعضنا بالعيد


All these tears running down your eyes

While you keep running down a track

The finish line is so close

But your body can’t see it that way

You’re just so tired

Trying to run faster

Trying to drag your legs a step closer

But your heart’s telling you

You’re running the wrong race

Running the wrong track

Running without faith



Words of Life

Picture Taken by Mohammed AlAhbabi

Picture Taken by Mohammed AlAhbabi

Life have taught us and will always teach its lessons till the day we die. It’s life’s way of making us who we are and what we are today, and probably what we would be remembered for after we depart it.

After learning your lessons moreover in life you will have the experience of really making the good choices in your life and leaving what’s not in your favor. That’s how humans evolve, by experiencing and learning from their mistakes or even the positive actions they do.

We as the “superior race” call ourselves superior and on top of the life cycle. We seek perfection but yet point at others’ flaws, we seek happiness but yet we focus on sadness. We aim for success but get weary from trying hard and giving up.

No one said life would be easy, no one said that you will have everything you want in life. That is not how it works, you suffer to be comfortable later on, you work hard to achieve your goals, you cry to be happy later on, you endure pain so that you get stronger and overcome even more hard struggles.

We are who we shape ourselves to be, we are who we believe that we will be, we are in the end mortals that seek to get the best out of everything and anything in life. We are in the end humans, that’s how God made us. Humility is a virtue and that is why we are called humans.

It Is All

Waiting is what you fear so silently but it is what will make you certainly

It is all that will make you

It is all that will save you

Patience is what you lack so badly but it is what you need so sadly

It is all that you need

It is all that you see

Love is what you hope for so desperately but it is yours distantly

It is all that is yours

It is all that is mine

In Memory of Our Founding Father

Painted by Faiza Al Ankar

Painted by Faiza Al Ankar

“It is my duty as the leader of the young people of this country to encourage them to work and to exert themselves in order to raise their own standards and to be of service to the country. The individual who is healthy and of a sound mind and body but who does not work commits a crime against himself and society”, the late Sheikh Zayed may he rest in peace. The quote listed above summarizes Sheikh Zayed and his mentality. Unlike many other rulers of the time and region, he was very unique. He had all the wealth in the world and instead of keeping it all for himself and family, he decided to share it with his people and country. Many say that wealth corrupts people; the late Sheikh Zayed has proven otherwise. Sheikh Zayed went from being a simple man with little possessions to swimming in wealth over night; he managed to stay humble and focused on his goal.

The UAE was in a critical situation at the time, people barely had clean water and food. The economy was weak due to the short life spans of people and the overall feeble population. Sheikh Zayed was aware of this and instead of taking his money and keeping it for himself, he began enriching the lives of his people. He granted every Emirati a couple pieces of land for homes and businesses, he secured every Emirati a job and hired expats to teach in western educational systems to educate all his people. During all of this Sheikh Zayed remained humble and down to earth. He was often seen in pictures praying on the desert sands as well as sitting on the floor with commoners discussing their problems and advising them. Sometimes during mealtime, he would feed his children or guests first and wouldn’t mind having a small portion in the end. There were many instances in which Sheikh Zayed could have done something to only benefit himself, although not once has this happened, unless it was something very minor such as getting his health in check. This is what made him so different and successful.

Under his rule the UAE expanded and flourished. The deserts turned into gardens and the land that was once the home of sand now holds some of the world’s most prominent skyscrapers. The country now holds over 200 different nationalities and has become a key tourist attraction. Both nationals and expatriates find comfort in the safe streets and neighborhoods of the country. Saadiyat Island holds the most luxurious hotels and resorts of the world as well as one of the most prestigious universities, the New York University of Abu Dhabi. Al Maryah and Al Sowwah Island that house one of the world’s best hospitals, Cleveland clinic and shopping centers that hold worldwide brands. In the year of 2013, an estimated number of five million people traveled through Dubai’s International Airport. Listed were just a few examples of how far the UAE has come and all thanks to our father Zayed, may his soul rest in peace. Even though it has been ten years since his passing, his legacy will live with us forever.