Play Your Orchestra

Let me tell you about one of my good days at work. I’m a dentist and one day at the beginning of the evening shift, I received 5 papers, which means 5 patients plus a full schedule of appointments. I started thinking: “How can I manage that, how can I see all this number of patients. Thoughts started to come to my mind, I got stressed, annoyed, angry at the front desk, why aren’t they managing it right, why aren’t they organized. How will I do it?!” All these negative thoughts and energy in less than 1 minute. I told myself “emmm… I think I will run away, opps, no that’s a childish thought, but I can’t do this and I wish I could run away”.

I walked away from my clinic to my colleague, I wanted to complain about it to my colleague. To get all the negative energy out. On my way I saw the lead of the department. She asked, “What is wrong doctor?” I started complaining with high voice and angry facial expressions. She calmly said, “Your clinic is your stage, play your orchestra!”

Play my orchestra! And there I was, I listened to the calming music in my head, and a smile was drawn on my face, then I told my assistant “Let the show start”. The day went smoothly and at the end we provided the best care to everyone.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed or overloaded with work or life, take a breath, listen to the calming music in your head, clear your mind and prioritize. Now, some of you will be saying: sounds good but how can we apply it. I would say As Oprah Winfrey said, “Make a decision and watch your life move forward”

Unexpected Expectations

Careless Birthday

Do you ever feel that sometimes life suddenly seems perfect, the unknown becomes exciting rather than fearsome and surprises are eagerly awaited and not nervously dreaded? Well, that is what I am feeling or experiencing, like I have climbed a big massive mountain and reached the top where I can finally rest and at the same time look down and realise the world is within my grasp.

My friend (the one I often write about – the encouraging, quirky, must try everything friend) came to take me out for my birthday, every year she plans different things; last year surprised me at home with another friend carrying specially designed Egyptian pyramid cake that had my name written on it in hieroglyphic. She knows that one of my wishes is to travel to Egypt so she granted me a wish, the year before she took me to see my favourite singer at a concert, can you see Dunia why this friend is so special, she is like a fairy that grants me what I want. Sorry, back to my birthday. So as I knew she will surprise me like every year, I was excited to learn how she could improve on the pyramid cake, but she did in a big way.

I did not know where we were going until the taxi dropped us off outside the actual place which was The Shard; Europe’s highest building, a sort of Burj Khalifa (the skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates) equivalent though not as high. It was the best surprise. You see Dunia, I have a big dream of flying across the globe on a magic carpet, so being at the top of London was the nearest thing I could get to be on top of the world, words fail to describe what I felt at the time.

Of course with any outing there is always a glitch or a situation of some sort, when we arrived at the Chinese restaurant on the 36th floor, naturally being disabled and a wheelchair user, I had to enter through the cloakroom; not ideal but I guess disabled customers are not as valued. Once we were led to our table both my friend and I just looked at one another in shock, the table was higher than my head! I could see the disappointment on my friend’s face who had gone to so much trouble to plan this surprise and it hurt me to see her frustration, I am used to such situation and have adapted myself to not expect much from people or places. I tried to reassure her that I can try reaching it and not to get upset but it was very clear that there was no chance of me reaching the table let alone eat from it.

My friend called the waitress and explained that she phoned four times to make sure the restaurant was fully disabled friendly, obviously the waitress was just static and in my personal view did not have a clue so said she will go and speak to the manager, who proved to be even more useless. The manager did not even make the effort to try or attempt to be helpful, or offer to check if any of the other restaurants in the Shard had bookings were disabled friendly, my friend got very annoyed so she said she will go and check other places in the building.

Sorry I know I stop at the most inappropriate parts but my carer has been standing in front of me waiting for a signal that she can carry me to the wheelchair then off to bed. Do forgive me but it is not nice to keep others waiting, especially when it is night time.


Love Ghada AlShaiba_

Picture taken by Ghada AlShaibah


Love is not just a relationship…

Love is a mixture of feelings and words…

Words that are not necessarily said…

Words within every individual…

Love is the feeling of a mother towards her child…

A set of memories, feelings and purity…

Love of family and neighbors…

Love of friends, ancestors and traditions…

Love of home and religion…

Love is not just a relationship…


Love Ghada AlShaiba_

بعدسة غادة الشيبة


الحب ما هو علاقة عابرة والسلام ….

الحب مشاعر وأحاسيس وكلام …

كلام مو شرط يكون مسموع …

الحب كلام النفس مع ذاتها …

الحب عاطفة الأم لولدها …

الحب ذكريات ومشاعر وألوان …

الحب بياض وطهارة وعفاف ….

الحب حب الإخوة والأهل والجيران …

الحب حب الأصحاب والأجداد والعادات …

الحب حب الابن لأرضه وطنه وترابه ودينه…

الحب ما هو علاقة عابرة والسلام ….

الحب كلمة طاهرة لكل من عرف قدرها …

الحب باب الرشاد والصلاح… عندما يفتح من أصوله وبضوابطه … بين كائن كان … أرض … وطن … وجماد


إلى هند

بقلم إيمان عبدالحميد العوضي
Illustrated by @ashiiiuae

Illustrated by @ashiiiuae

أنا من الأشخاص الذين لم يعرفوا هند من قريب ، فقد كانت صديقة صديقتي فقط ، والا فمعرفتها كانت ستكون شرفا لي .

كانت هند شابة في العشرينات من العمر ، عضوة فعالة في عدد من الأماكن ، تحب فعل الخير ومساعدة الناس ، كانت تساعد الكثير من المحتاجين ، وتشجع جمعيات كثيرة وتعينهم على نشر الخير ، وتسعى على توسعة مجالات عملهم ،  تكتب عنهم في الجريدة ، وتجمع الأموال وتشارك في فعاليات كثيرة منها من أجل أطفال السرطان وسرطان الدم تحديدا.

شاء الله بعد فترة من انشغالها بهذا العمل أن تُصاب هي بسرطان الدم ، وقد ذهبت الى بريطانيا للعلاج ، وكنت أرى أهلها و أصدقاءها و زملاءها في العمل وخارج العمل يساندونها معنويا عبر شبكات التواصل الاجتماعي بشكل دائم ،  وقد وضعوا لها شعاراً باللغة الانجليزية في الانستغرام وهو “هند القوية” ، وقاموا بطباعته على قمصان وأظرف العيد ، وقد عملت هذه المساندة على تقوية عزيمتها وصبرها ، بالإضافة إلى الزيارات والهدايا المفاجئة التي كانت تهدف دائما  لرسم البسمة على محياها .

لقد رأيت حسابها في الانستجرام وشدني ، فقد كانت لها بعض الكتابات ، وأنا أيضا من محبي الكتابة ، فأحسست بشيء يربطني بها . أتذكر في زيارتي الأخيرة الى لندن كم كانت تخطر على بالي عندما كنت أذهب مع جدي لمستشفى علاج السرطان فكنت أدعو لها متمنيىة لها الشفاء العاجل.

حزنت كثيرا عندما علمت بوفاتها على الرغم من عدم معرفتي بها ، كما حزن الكثير مثلي على فقدانها ، لقد كانت وفاتها فاجعة هزت الخليج بأكمله ، وكنت أنا من بينهم .

في الحقيقة كانت هند محظوظة ، فقد أكرمها الله من بين خلقه بابتلاء صعب لكي ينقيها من جميع ذنوبها ، وهي أثبتت صبرا جميلا على هذا البلاء ، فصبرها ونفسيتها الجميلة  و ابتسامتها التي لم تفارق وجهها وشخصيتها أثرت على كل من حولها وكانت مصدر إلهام للجميع في حياتها  وحتى وبعد مماتها بشهادة جميع أحبابها ، حيث علمت الناس الكثير .  

عبرت احدى الجمعيات عن حزنها بوفاة هند قائلة :” إنها شجعتنا وساعدتنا على الظهور في الصحف و الشبكات الاجتماعية.”

سبحان الله ، إن الله عز وجل حين يحب شخصاً يجعل حبه بين جميع الناس ، وهذه هند أحببناها دون أن نراها أو نعرفها ، وسخرنا الله أن ندعوا لها بعد موتها ، فيارب سخر لنا من يدعوا لنا بعد موتنا .

رحمك الله ومسح على قلوب جميع أهلك وأحبابك ، وعوضك بجنان النعيم بإذنه ، وجعل .ملتقاك معنا جميعا في الفردوس آمين.

Flower Story

Picture taken by Ghada Al Shaiba

Picture taken by Ghada Al Shaiba

Does the flower have a story

Or it witnesses certain stories

Does the flower have a friend

Or it connects a friend to friend

Does the flower fall in love 

Or it strengthens stories of love

Does the flower have a story

Or it witnesses certain stories


هل للورد حكاية

Picture taken by Ghada Al Shaiba

Picture taken by Ghada Al Shaiba

ياترى هل للورد حكاية

أم أنه شاهد على بعض الحكايا

يا ترى هل للورد صديق

أم أنه صلة بين الصديق والصديق

يا ترى هل للورد هوى

أم أن الهوى بالورد ارتوى

ياترى هل للورد حكاية

أم أنه شاهد على بعض الحكايا


Empathy seems to be the building block of positivity on any level of human relationships. Think of friendships, families, work relations, communities, countries, and the world as a whole.

Empathy is not about feeling sympathy for others, but rather about moving out of the zoomed-in perspective of our lives that we tend to have. It is ultimately about reaching a level of consciousness of the mind and soul that allows us to be positive contributors to the lives of others. It is about touching the soul of another person with the little gestures that we will only be capable of doing once we attempt to understand perspectives other than our own.

With that in mind, here’s a glimpse of the world through the eyes of myself and several others. Let yourself be transported into worlds different than your own, yet also all the exact same world:

  • A bullied kid playing alone in a playground somewhere
  • A family sitting together eating their favorite cake and being grateful for the blessing
  • An insecure, fragile woman staring at her reflection in a mirror somewhere
  • A worried father, somewhere in the world, waiting for his child to come home
  • Someone working in a foreign country calling their family back home to wish them happy holidays
  • A girl looking through old books at a library somewhere
  • A homeless person sleeping on the sidewalk somewhere waiting for his life to change
  • A couple spending their honeymoon on an island somewhere
  • Someone embracing the beauty of words at a spoken poetry night
  • A father trying to make things right with his wife and kids
  • Someone sitting alone on a table for two, laughing
  • Someone feeding the birds under the Eiffel Tower
  • People praying at the Holy Ka’aba
  • Someone volunteering in a very cold place, helping others and feeling very happy
  • People living in a refugee camp trying to survive
  • A man playing the guitar on the streets of Italy and being tipped by passersby

Pain and suffering, love and affection, happiness and sadness, and also, just pure quirkiness. All of those were the thoughts and emotions going on around us in the world, and inside every one of us.

I’d like to leave you with a quote by Rumi: “You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a drop.”

May we all be guided to spread positivity, goodness, and empathy in a world that needs it more than ever before.