6 thoughts on “Wearing My Heart on My Tongue

  1. Korir says:

    Great article. It’s really inspiring for and individual who have the same problem as you’re. I assure you you’ll overcome it.

  2. Nuala says:

    Every road to well-being begins with acceptance!

  3. Anoush says:

    Well written and very inspiring!

  4. Emma says:

    Nicely expressed and very thoughtful.

  5. Evelyn says:

    Brilliant! Couldn’t be said better. My words and thoughts exactly.

  6. silas ngeywo says:

    stuttering can be tough, i have had this challenge since my childhood and am still learning how to improve my communication. avoidance of speaking situations makes the situation worse and hiding it is a worse of time because audience will know anyway. i find it helpful to disclose to the people i talk to that i stutter and it gives my freedom to talk whether i get stug or i seak with ease. slow prolonged speech as helped me and application of block modification techniques ie pre block, in block and post block modification. finally give yourself opportunities to practice and practice you will improve and your confidence will go up.

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