MBA vs. CFA, Which Should I Choose?

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Blank stare, sweaty palms and a heartbeat that could be heard across the globe. Exaggeration? Yes but the pressure was quite accurate. As we age, that dreaded question frequents us as much as wrinkles and white hair. The former being more dreaded or at least I would hope so.

Replying, “I don’t know” isn’t sufficient nor does it scream motivated or anything remotely close. Everyone wants to be somewhere or something but the road towards that opportune thing or place is the tricky part.

I’m contemplating my next step. I already have my bachelor degrees in finance and rather than sit idly and wait to be hired I thought I should pursue further education in the meantime. With that in mind, my choices are narrowed down to either obtaining a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) or a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Both quite similar yet different in their own rights.

An MBA is the more traditional and familiar route. Widely known and available. On average it takes two years to complete, the cost can vary from the tens of thousands to the hundreds of thousands and is practically available through any educational medium, be it a brick and mortar university or an online Institute.  So widely available, someone once said jokingly to me, “nowadays you can enter a grocery store and come out with an MBA.” Humorous as it may have been there was some truth to it. An MBA has become similar to buying a shoe or phone or whatever the “it” thing may be right now. It’s all about the brand. The brand or in this case the school is what illustrates exclusivity. Many people may have it but where they obtained their degree may play a crucial part on how far along it will get them in their career.

We then come to the CFA. The CFA is a 3 part exam each taken once per year. It is only offered by the CFA Institute and is based on self-learning. Each exam is around 2000 dirhams and you are given course material to prepare for the exam. The statistics are quite uninviting. Only half of the candidates pass each exam and only 10% of the candidates that started complete the process.  With those stats, it gives even the most ambitious some self-doubt.

I’m leaning towards the CFA, I think there is something about the road less traveled that provides more opportunity. In either case though knowledge is never useless and thus there is something to gain with any route taken.

Babysitting in Dubai – Is it for you?

Our children are a part of us; we love them, we care about them and we always want the best for them. When it comes to working parents, there is always a certain degree of trade off when it comes to deciding on being a full time mom or dad vs. a full time employee, especially in markets as competitive as that of Dubai.

So what are the real benefits that full time working parents get from hiring a part time babysitter? And is it really worth it?

Unarguably, a competent babysitter will be able to cater to many of your children’s needs and help them throughout their growing years. If you sit down with the babysitter and create a balanced timetable like, time for food, play, watching television, sleep, etc. that creates a routine in their life, which in turn will help you free more hours in the day as a working parent.

Another major benefit for hiring a babysitter is that a well-chosen babysitter facilitates your ability to foster your relationship with your spouse. Many working parents find it challenging to juggle work, kids and their relationship because they are consumed with daily tasks and responsibilities. Periodic date nights and conversations that don’t focus exclusively on child rearing are essential for keeping the relationship alive and well.

Moreover, if you are vigilant and smart about choosing a babysitter, she can also help lighten your workload. So if your house is a little messy but you don’t know when you can wedge in time for dusting, mopping or tidying up, your babysitter can perform light housekeeping while your little one naps. When you return home, your house will be spic and span and your baby will be ready for cuddles and play!

Babysitting and babysitting services have been on the rise in Dubai for the past few years. Although the trend is rising at a constant rate, still many working parents are against following the trend and prefer to leave their jobs or leave their kids with family members despite the inconveniences that may result.

Choosing what fits best for your family and its needs is all that matters but keep in mind that the advantages of hiring professional and certified babysitters can seriously outweigh the disadvantages. Do your research and be the judge!

Pillar Of Our Family

Grandfather, you will be missed. After the guests leave, and after the lights are dimmed, and we sit in the darkness of our rooms. You left a lonely space in our family. A pillar was permanently removed when you passed away.

His room upstairs is locked. Three years earlier, it was where he spent most of his time, amongst his children, grieving his late wife. In the solitude of his heart, he was weakened by age, and by the despair of loss. His smile, through his pain, made you feel everything is alright. That the world is at peace. His laughter, subtle, but sincere. The seat of my grandmother, empty, and now his.

His name will remain engraved in our hearts, in our passports, our heritage. We all love his name, repetitive amongst his grandchildren. His intellect, his mercy towards the weak, his appreciation for religious affairs, I hope we inherit.

Scene 1: Meeting in the Park

Picture taken by Ghada Al Shaibah

Picture taken by Ghada Al Shaibah

He was sitting on the chair, when she came from far away.

“Hello” she said. “Hi” he replied. Staring at her trying to imagine how she looks.

She thought he was flirting around. Yes he was a good-looking man.

Everyday same time and same place. They used to meet while she goes jogging.

One day she decided to ask, why doesn’t he speak up? Why doesn’t he ask?

“Excuse me” she came slowly with no sound in the ground. “Yes” he replied.

“Oh here she is” he said. He stood up trying to shake hands towards her left hand.

She started to feel awkward, how he is playing around.

Suddenly, it is that voice, the voice of his stick falling on the ground.

“Oh, no” she said. He is different. He wasn’t playing around.

“Oh, I am sorry” she said. “ I , I, I…” she was speechless.

Then she decided not to justify. He had a personality, nice attitude.

He was an engineer and knowledgeable person. In oppose to what others perceive.

He can always see what others can’t see.

The above scene is from my imagination, the moral is never to build a perception without personally interacting with a person and understanding his/her way of thinking. Judging people on appearance contradicts wisdom.

The Closet

Hang me up

Slide me away

Is all you do

Push me aside

Till you need me

For a rainy day

Like the wooly jumper your mother made

You don’t really care for it

Up until that cold wind blows

And your searching in your closet

For something to keep you warm

And your hand brushes against

That wooly fuzzy jumper

You pull it out

Pull it on

And feel the warmth it brings you

But once that cold wind has passed

You toss it back

At the back of the cupboard

Until another cold wind