And like a book some will glance
Others will delve
And to those who’ll take the time to delve
I’m sure you won’t be disappointed
No matter the book

Keep your expectations as low as possible so then when it comes around you’re either delighted or you’re fine. But the important thing is; you’re not disappointed. Cuz that’s the thing that pulls you down.

Forgive & Forget
Forgiving and forgetting are two separate things
Please keep that in mind and don’t blame me for not forgetting
Even if I have forgiven

Nothing Can Stifle the Feeling of Loneliness

You were the only thing that made my day
& now you’re gone

You hurt me in ways an enemy would

It’s sad
How far we came
& then
How it all went away

How long do I have to wait
How much more do I have to do
Till when must I squander
Waiting on a sign from you

I told you my fears
You said they were just in my head
But after a while
You turned them into a reality

I found a home in you
And when I lost you
I lost it too

I couldn’t sleep
For fear of meeting you in my dreams



A weakness is only a weakness if you think it that way.

Pain changes people, so be careful who you hurt

Prove It;
Words can be so full of meaning but when it comes time for action they can seem so empty

Get Up;
Maybe it’s time
You pulled yourself off the floor
Brush the dust off
And realize
You shouldn’t take this anymore



A minute between morning and noon. A breath between your current state, and an unexpected drastic turn that will change the course of your life. A person can inspire you so profoundly that his words would build momentum to follow ambitions you never knew you had. An action of nobility could convince a person to convert to Islam. A baby’s cackle can cheer up a depressed relative.

Respectively, a slanderous word can split families apart. A dirham only can save a poor man from unbearable quench. And who would think that a word of verbal abuse would deeply scar a girl’s self-esteem, never to be mended in the future? Or that a man’s overreaction to his wife’s innocent mistake would be the trigger for divorce?

Hear My Voice – @KalimatiSpeech

Two months ago, on 13th & 14th of October, Kalimati Communication & Rehabilitation Center, in collaboration with Dubai Healthcare city held the conference “Hear My Voice – Education & Innovation” for all people who have hearing problems.

We should all do our best to raise awareness about deafness and hearing issues, and the society should support and help those who have hearing problems. I’m so happy that I was a volunteer at this conference to help those who share with me that same problem. I had the chance to meet many wonderful people, and I was thrilled to see how all these amazing people communicated together and how they supported each other.

Below pictures are taken by the writer.

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Long Term Investment to Good Health

Spending time in nature protects against a host of dreadful diseases such as

  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • ADHD
  • Cardiovascular disease and
  • Cancer

Ming Kuo a health and wellness researcher says that nature has the ability to enhance the functioning of the body’s immune system. It seems that there are 21 possible pathways between nature and good health.

Nature is like a multivitamin which provides us with all the nutrients we need. People! Do not forget that we are a part of nature.

The researchers say that nature switches the body into rest and digest mode. We feel safe when we spend time with nature. So our body makes long term investments towards good health outcomes, growing, reproducing and building the immune system.

When you do not spend time with nature stress sets in and the body is in the fight or flight mode. It shuts down everything which are essential for the smooth functioning of the immune system.

On the other side of the coin, when you enjoy indoor activities, it may seem to be good up to a point. But you won’t get the phytonicides, mycobacterium vaccae, negative air ions and vitamin D producing sunlight. If you find all these terms new, then simply put, you miss out on all the good stuff which nature has to offer.

So for wholesome health spend more time with nature.