Best 5 Restaurants in Dubai

Thanks to the insane number of restaurants, quality and variety they offer, Dubai is hands down, one of the best culinary cities in the Middle East, and also the world. Given the fact that Dubai consists of an estimated 10% of nationals, 90% of foreign workers gathered from around the globe, it didn’t only help shaping Dubai structurally way, but it also helped establishing the food scene. Masters of culinary and famous chefs traveled with their recipes, flavors, and spices from home to deliver a classy extravagance or a budget street side meal.

Here are five of the best restaurants in Dubai.

NOBU: Where chic meets vibrant

Located in the wildly popular, Atlantis Hotel, NOBU reflects the art of Japanese fusion integrated with Arabian influence, to pamper their guests with a Sushi Bar, and stylish surroundings available for guests who would like to enjoy the lounge or guests who prefer more intimate gatherings. Not only it serves world-class food, but it also offer cooking classes every first Saturday of every month, to teach guests the secrets of the worldly famous restaurant chain, created by the artist and internationally renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa, to give you the finest bites of Japan.

Coya: Award Winning Peruvian Restaurant

Bringing the Inca heritage and Latin American Lifestyle to the Middle East, Coya is one of the most luxurious Latin restaurants in Dubai, bringing an exceptional, multi-dimensional experience to their guests in Dubai. The menu maintains the traditional art and elements of Peruvian cooking, adding an authentic ambiance to the place; Coya combines tastes, sights, and sounds of the Latin American culture under one roof.

OKKU: Luxury Japanese Restaurant and Lounge

OKKU, is yet another one of the most famous and luxurious Japanese restaurants and lounges in Dubai. This multi-award winning restaurant offers unique dishes mastered by celebrity chefs who cooked for Hollywood A-list. With their nothing less than elegant service, stylish design, and amazing plates, Okku sets an atmosphere that is perfect for both intimate dining and late night lounge. This Ultra Chic restaurant offers a seating for more than 200 guests in the midst of an extravagant lounge, VIP dining rooms, and the main restaurant with a sushi bar to present a captivating atmosphere.

The Meat Co: A Cut Above

Perfectly set in Souk Al Bahar, Old Town Burj Dubai. The Meat Co, as the name suggests, brings their meet-expertise all the way to Dubai to offer the finest meat and steak cuts to their guests, and create this restaurant that sticks to their trendsetting. The lavish dark wooden design mixed with polished wooden flooring that perfectly blends with the flavors offered by this restaurant. Not only that, The Meat Co dedicates a special carved knife named after each of their frequent guests.

Spirito: The Cool Latino Oasis in The Middle East

Head Chef, Nilton Rodigo Ceccarelli created and developed Spirito’s menu and delicacies to present signature dishes to their guests. The Pastel De Carne ‘light and thin pastry filled with spicy braised beef, smashed avocado and lime is just the tip of the iceberg to what Spirito offers. In addition to that, Spirito blends fresh juices that can be mixed and muddled with Silver Cachaca or Havana Club spirits to create variations of Brazil’s famous Caipirinha cocktail. Put all that together, with the perfect location, Spirito dares to create an eclectic sound mix of Latin atmosphere in the middle of Dubai.