The Tricks of Advertising

With advertisings’ barrage of endless promises to consumers from lighter, brighter, less of, extra, new, better, and most likely every other adjective fathomable,  is there any questioning why consumers are more cautious and less trusting.

According to CBS our eyes are exposed to 5000 advertisements per day, which is nearly 2 million per annum. We do not process everything we see so advertisers try to use every gimmick or trick to catch our attention.

Marketers suggest that the packaging of a product is what makes the product a success or failure. Supermarkets are a key arena for advertising, where product packages dupe it out to be the fairest of them of all. Each product has dozens of substitutes and consumers make decisions within a few seconds. Products have to continually offer new and better benefits to consumers to be selected. With that logic one can only assume we are creating this monster called advertising.

Let’s take a look at a few of the favorites. First up is Knorr Light Mayonnaise which claims that it has 68% less fat than the original, which is true but what consumers aren’t aware of is the reduced fat means more sodium. The regular full-fat mayonnaise has no sodium whereas the light one has 64 milligrams per 10 grams of mayonnaise. Then there are many additives to compensate for taste and thickness. Choosing full-fat mayonnaise or light mayonnaise is simply deciding between the lesser of two evils

Next is the kids’ favorite, Capri Sun that proudly displays “no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors and no preservatives.”  Merely because they haven’t added artificial sweeteners doesn’t mean they haven’t added an abundance of sugar.   Each 200ml juice pouch contains 19 grams of sugar which is roughly the same amount of sugar in a 200ml of coke. Capri sun also states they only use natural flavor, the irony of it being in the list of ingredients there is actually an ingredient called “natural flavor” the ambiguity of that so-called ingredient is worrisome alone.

Finally, who can resist anything that claims it can make you healthier. The probiotic craze in yogurt is thriving based on that very notion. Yogurts like Activia claim their product can regulate your digestive system.  However, in 2010 Activia settled a 45 Million Dollar lawsuit for false advertising. Their claims that their yogurt had been “clinically and scientifically” proven to improve the digestive system was false and were ordered to remove those two specific words. Furthermore, each small container has 15 grams of sugar which is roughly 4 teaspoons.

As consumers, we want so much, but want to do so little. So who is the real culprit?

Before you grab a box of cookies stating less fat, try to focus on what it isn’t telling you rather than what it is.

Apartment Hunting in Dubai

Getting an opportunity to work in Dubai has become a sought after dream by many professionals across the World. It has become a business center in the region and at the same time provides a full living experience where people get to balance work and leisure in a way that benchmarks globally.

Being such a desired destination made the real estate market a very competitive one and it has become harder to find a place that meets your criteria, and more often than not, you are forced to prioritize and compromise to get the maximum benefit if and when possible.

It is not easy to find the perfect apartment in the suitable price range in any place, and it becomes a bit more complicated when you are a foreigner to the country and culture and you don’t know the language. Therefore; you have to be ready to do your homework before committing to a long term rent contract especially when you are moving there for the first time. So what do you have to consider when you are looking for apartments for rent in Dubai?

Do Your Research

How would you choose your apartment if you don’t have the slightest idea where to look and how much people are paying in different areas? Well; this is what you have to find out before you start your hunting.

Dubai is a very big city and like any other city worldwide; it has different neighborhoods and urban areas, so how would you know which one matches your criteria and meets your taste? It is hard enough that you are moving overseas and joining a new job, so try not to make it harder by leaving this task until you are physically there, because you will lose focus and exhaust yourself. Start by using available resources to get as much information as possible before you book your flight. Online classifieds websites have made this very easy for you, as you can search through the real estate category and make a list of the apartments that appeal to you, then complete the picture by researching the area, its population, landmarks … etc. Then you can communicate directly with the agents to get more information.

Get Some Local Help

Maybe you already know someone who lives in Dubai, so reach out and get their opinion about the results of your research, and ask them about the things that would help you take a first step in finding a suitable apartment. If you don’t know anyone, you can always reach out to the HR professionals in your new company and they can provide you with advice or connect with those who can.

Compare Market Prices

Using the same Online Classifieds would help you do a quick comparison of prices, and this would give you a better idea about the areas and their populations. Once you shortlist your choices, try to find out what hidden costs are there, and remember that what applies to your current living arrangement will also apply when you are living abroad as you will need to park your car and pay for electricity and water, etc.

One Word: Budget

Your efforts can all go to waste if you don’t know what your budget is. You need to decide how much you are willing to pay for a rented apartment, especially that you will have to buy most of the household items. It is true that most companies in Dubai offer housing allowance, however; it does not necessarily cover the rent amount because the prices keep going up with the high demand from expats and locals, so this one is on you to figure out.

Rental Period and Payment Method

The rental periods in Dubai are usually annual or bi-annual, so you have to find out what you can afford. It is also common for building owners and agents to ask for an upfront payment, so do your calculations and find out what you can spare to put as a down-payment without having to suffer from the consequences.

Now you know what to expect when you are hunting for apartments in Dubai, just don’t splurge in the beginning because the first period would be stressful and full of changes that you have to cope with, so don’t make debt and overspending to be one of the things you have to worry about.

Happy Hunting!


My dear broken perfection

I will never take away my love and affection

But if I had to do it all over again

I would have no one else but myself to blame

Sometimes life is just a shadow

Of what we hope for, or dream to be

A story for the future we need to validate

When love is not enough to compensate


My dear broken angel

You were haunted and i was no savior

I was on the edge of my world

And in your head

You were back in some war

And you just wanted something

Or someone to adore

As i stood on the diving board


My dear broken fighter

I cannot bring back the laughter

I’m drowning in my questions

Lost inside the why’s

And it’s almost impossible to compromise

But how can you move on?

After your heart is gone

When you gave up

And chose to commit suicide

أنا مواطن إذا أنا الأهم‎

وقفت تنتظر دورها وبجانبها سائق البيت الذي أوصلها
فأهلها ينتظرون راتبها الذي سترسله ليُستقطع ويشبع أفواه المصاريف الجائعة
في تلك الأثناء
دخلت امرأة “مواطنة” وانتظرت دورها هي أيضا
جاء دور الأولى..
ابتسمت وهمّت بالتقدم للشباك وكأنها ربحت هدية
أشار لها السائق وتمتم بأن تفسح المجال لبنت البلاد!
قبلت بكل سرور
تقدمت الأخرى للشباك
قدمت معاملتها
لم تختمها بشكرا
كما لم تبدأها برفض دور “غير المواطنة” وجعلت انتظارها بلا قيمة
بعضهم يعطي نفسه أهمية وأولوية لا يستحقها لمجرد أنه “مواطن”