The Stranger

The day was rough and tiresome.

As I opened the window

Silent breeze brushed my hair

And the long curls tickling my nape.

A sudden chill ran inside and freshness regained

To get through this dullness

I intended to take a stroll in the cool atmosphere

Covering myself with a sweatshirt and shawl I made a start.

Merrily everyone in the streets were enjoying the climate

Dried leaves swirling on ground

And making crackling sound.

As I passed by,

I saw a man standing on a parapet adjacent to the road

He has a long beard and hair was completely dishevelled.

Clothes torn out and shoes worn out

He seemed to be a lame duck wandering on roads.

He rummaged his belongings from the satchel

Again put them back and sat there brooding.

Hands inside his pocket, searching for something

He pulled out a paper and a pen

And started scribbling.

I wondered what he was writing!

Few seconds passed,

He held the paper high

And read out the lines he scribbled.

I was taken aback at the words he was uttering.

Each and every line unleashed his deep pain inside

And also made rhyming run along in each line.


I couldn’t believe that a man who appeared

To be insane, wrote those wonderful lines.


A sudden screech interrupted my thoughts.

And I came back to the scenario,

I saw four people who were in white uniform

Rushed out of the van and caught hold of the stranger.

The stranger started yelling and wriggling

Struggling to get out of their clutches

But, he couldn’t set himself free

And surrendered to those men in white.

The van started with an abrupt screech

And left field.

I stood there feeling lousy

For the stranger’s helplessness.

Never again did I see him there

And never heard his words of pain.