The Wooden House

Take me away,

So far away,

The noise is killing me; no it’s destroying me,

Take me away,

To an isolated place, to an island or maybe a wooden house on a mountain,

This is better,

Leave me alone,

So I can close my eyes,

And let the cool breeze play with my hair,

I will allow the sun to burn my cheeks till they turn red,

I don’t care,

My mind is getting clearer,

I can go inside now,

The house is empty; I see nothing but a small bed, a chimney and a rocking chair,

I can manage, I guess,

When the sky is covered in navy blue,

I sit on my rocking chair, covering my lap with a blue knitted blanket,

One of my hands is occupied with my mug that’s filled with hot chocolate,

The other one is holding a book,

I can relax now,

The wooden house was a good idea.