It’s an elephant,

I have an elephant now

It follows me everywhere

Sometimes it wanders off somewhere

When I’m on my own,

It creeps up on me from behind

I push it outside the room and shut the door

Other times I stare at it, I circle it

It’s the ugliest elephant I’ve ever seen


Often, when there are people around

I hear the elephant stomping about somewhere near,

I know it’s coming

I grow agitated, I don’t look them nor do I look at it

I grow lightheaded, It’s inhaling all the air

I grow indifferent, I look at them

I see them not taking notice of it

A sense of uncertainty takes over

They can’t see it!

Perhaps…only I can see it

Then I look to my left, my front, and my right

I see you move your teacup away from its curious trunk

I see you edging your way around its huge form as you take your seat

And I see you flinch at the ruckus it makes as it knocks down the cupboard

…I feel the sides of my mouth pulling upwards


All this gets all too familiar over time

Unintentionally or otherwise they summon it

I sense its presence, towering over

I learned to look at them as they perform

Their well-rehearsed ‘we don’t see the elephant’


And then I met you, it’s been a long while

Approaching me, approaching my elephant

I see the color drain from your face

I see you looking right at it

Pointing right at it

I turn to it, I look at it

I touch its chin, stroking it

With ease, in one quick movement of my hand, I break its neck

Its huge heavy form dropping down

Shaking the ground

Jolting everybody who saw, they openly see now

I walk away, and I feel its absence

I turn to see it slowly lifting itself up

With its head hanging

Adding to its other deformities

Its tusks scratching the floor as it walks

Following you now


You gave it to me after all

A Different Kind Of Heartache

When growing up you’re bound to go through some unpleasant situations and some hardships. One of them is having your heart broken, now many people would immediately think of a Romeo & Juliet scenario or any Shakespearian tragedy. But the truth is, broken hearts aren’t always caused by a significant other, they are caused by someone you have chosen to let into your world, someone you have chosen to trust and confide in. Notice that it says you have chosen, and not they have forced themselves. It was your choice, your decision to open the door for them, and that’s what probably causes your heart to break even more.

It is actually a Shakespearian tragedy, when you lose all kind of respect to someone you thought the world of. Someone you once looked up to and aspired to be like one day. It doesn’t make you a fool, no, just a human being who preferred to see the good in people.

Nevertheless, there are good people out there, people that make you believe again that in the battle of good vs. evil, good will always win.

So my advice to you and myself included, don’t lose your faith in people no matter how badly your heart is injured.

Put Nostalgia Aside And Take It As You Go

Why is it that when we are young we fantasize about becoming adults, and we glorify it to the point where it’s ultimately the answer to all of our problems. But then once we reach adulthood we are so desperate to go back in time and be young again. “To a simpler time we say.

Being young wasn’t easy and sure wasn’t that simple, fewer responsibilities? Yes, perhaps that’s true. But what about struggling to be who you are? What about all those petty fights you had with your friends, your parents and everyone who went against you? I for one, wouldn’t want to go back to a time where I was less knowledgeable, and as a result of it suffered from lack of self-esteem and anxiety.

Nostalgia is a tricky thing, it sheds light only on the good parts of a period of time and shuts the struggles out. Now that doesn’t mean that what’s in the past is all bad, nor does it mean that it is all good. It shouldn’t make you think that where you are right now is horrible, that back then was much better. Don’t let nostalgia play mind tricks on you, every human being has to go through some ups and downs in order to grow.

Being young doesn’t necessarily mean “Good times only”. And being an adult isn’t synonyms with problems and midlife crisis.

Stop daydreaming about the past and stop imagining the future. Just take it as you go and let it be, good, bad or ugly.

Go with the flow

Emirati Zombie Checking In

I always wondered where the “Emiratis are slackers” stereotype came from, and why? There are many Emiratis out there that radiate passion, and are quite hardworking.

Let me tell you a story of where it all began.

She was a fresh graduate ready to take on the world, she’s been waiting for this moment since she set foot at university four years ago. Landing a job at one of the biggest companies in the country, a place that is shaping the future of this city, what better way to leave your mark?

“Beware the vultures, for they are vicious and unkind.That’s what people kept telling her about the workplace, but she believed that if you had a positive mindset and were persistent enough you’ll make it out alright. She should’ve known better.

Because the vultures she encounters don’t have claws, they have nice suits and beautiful smiles. They rip away every opportunity that comes her way for the greater good. They’ve cornered her, so where to go to? Who to turn to?

The Emiratisation! For stories have been passed down to generations, of how the Emiratisation is meant to protect you from all things that are evil.

There she went, seeking refuge. “Welcome to the real world sweetheart! We’re not the savior. is all she got, so if the Emiratisation was not going to support its fellow Emirati, then who will?

It finally dawned on her that she is completely and utterly on her own. So be a good doll, sit in the corner and occupy your seat until it’s time to go home, is what she kept telling herself.

Don’t forget you must do that every single day, as long as you’re here. How else is the zombie transformation supposed to work?

Here comes a new fresh graduate eager to learn and bring change! Give it a couple of months, until they are infected.

You’ve got to feed the stereotype somehow, right?