The Girl That Fell

I’ve watched so many sappy romantic movies, might have even cried over some, and read countless love books, and yet I never pictured myself going through it, couldn’t actually. The closest thing to love was me falling for the characters I read in books, or watched on the big screen.

That was my life’s cycle: open a book, fall head over heels for the brooding main character and talk about him constantly as if he existed in the real world. Get a new book, and simply fall again for a new different character. But to have feelings for an actual person? A human being that exists in the same world that I do?

Nope, was never in the cards for me.

Then the oddest thing happened, I crushed on someone and it slowly dawned on me that this was no simple crush. In fact, it wasn’t a crush at all, I was falling for a guy. And for the first time in my life, I was the character in the book.

The girl that fell for the tall, dark and handsome guy.”

Except the real world wasn’t like the books I read, we don’t end up together and he doesn’t profess his love to me when I tell him how I really feel. And just like that, I am reminded again that love is not meant for people like me. Because the person that my heart really wanted and the one that I completely fell for.. wasn’t willing to catch me.

BANG Shall Not Stop Me From My Dreams

“BANG!” I hit my head so hard into one of the invisible walls that I thought were clear pathways. I walk few steps again and “BANG” I hit my head for the second time. I thought to myself that I might be doing it wrong; maybe I should be walking faster this time. I did and “BANG” I hit my head again into the invisible wall. I paused for a while and started looking around me to make sure that no one is watching while saying to myself “trying one more time won’t hurt,” I started counting, one…two…three! Running this time at full speed across the field “BANG! BANG!” I was wrong, “Ouch this hurts,” I thought to myself lying on the ground and my face is directed to the sky. A second thought crossed my mind that made me forget the pain “Whoa, the sky is so beautiful!” I said to no one around, marveled by its beauty that I noticed for the first time. It is so wide, peaceful and clear. I wonder how would it feel like flying up there to my goal instead of banging into invisible walls down here.

This person might be me, you or anyone with a dream. All of us have goals and things that we thrive to achieve. We might know the path to our desired destination or we might not but we walk anyways. However, “BANG” sometimes our paths might not be as clear as we thought and not as easy as we want. But will this stop us? Will it make us forget about our dreams? Goals? Desires? I don’t think so. If we were determined, if we had faith and a strong will, nothing will be able to stop us. Not even if we fall millions of times. We still will be able to stand up and walk again. I stood up laughing at my silly thought of flying. I stood tall and straight and looked ahead towards the horizon with a courageous heart and a determined mind I stepped forward never looking back.


She lives alone

In a place she has created for her own

She colors and writes on her walls

Walls that make the borders of her world

A world of words, colors and jewels


In her home

She sings and twirls around with melodies on her lips

She opens her curtains and welcomes the sun

It kisses her eyelids and warms her up

In a world she had created for herself


She lives as if there is no time to catch

Time is nothing but the sun and moon

Every day she creates a life she desires

Because there is nothing else she requires

She creates happiness with her hands

Words swirls and curls out of her pen

In the world she has created with her fingertips


She speaks magic to the moon

Every day she has a date with the night

She gazes at the stars

Reading them as a book

They tell her of the lives they looked upon

Years and years ago

And years and years to come

She lights her candles

Let their aroma dance their way into the sky

She is alone

In the place she has created for her own

Made out of words, colors and jewels

Walking In The Dark

When a person walks into a dark place, they generally think that they won’t be able to maneuver in the darkness, that the darkness might swallow them, stripping all the light they hold in. As they step into the darkness, these thoughts start to consume them to the point of turning them into blind people.
However, little do they know that when one walks into a dark place, that by accepting the darkness and engulfing oneself into it, the eyes start to accustom itself to the new surroundings.
The act of acceptance gives us a new perspective, it helps us maneuver into the new surroundings, giving us strength and the will to keep going.
It is the same when things in life don’t turn the way we want, it pushes us into a dark abyss, into a place, that the instant we are in, we’ll give up and we’ll blind ourselves. However, if we accept the state we are in, and understand the situation, and most importantly, believe that we can get out of it, we will succeed.
I believe that one of the most important things that can help us get through hard times in life is to accept it, and not reject the fact that, for example we didn’t get the job we dream of, the support we wish we had, the talent and strength in us, it will help us understand ourselves better, know where we stand in life.
Therefore, no matter where you stand in life, don’t reject the things that happen to you, good or bad. Accept yourself, your life so far, your past, and know that you can’t change your past no matter what you did, but you can change your future, little by little.