To get publish your writings with us, make sure you comply with the below conditions:

  • The writing was not published on another publication, with the exception of your personal blog.
  • The writing does not cross the censorship limits of politics, religion, or sexual matters.
  • As there is no editorial process, make sure you proofread and spellcheck your article before sending to us, to avoid embarrassments.

If the above is met for the writing you want to publish with us, then this is what you need to send us  on

  • Each writing is sent in a separate word document, properly edited, and titled, and any keywords you’d want to associate with your writing.
  • Your name
  • Social media account names (twitter & instagram)
  • Nationality
  • Country of residence.
  • Year of birth
  • The genre of writing (to be placed in the right section)
  • A short bio about yourself to be shown with your name on the page


Did you read an article that inspired an artwork in your head and would like to contribute with that? Just email us on to make sure no one else is already working on it, if we confirm that you can go ahead, then you can go ahead with it, and once your artwork is ready, we will add it to the article and add your name there along with it. The artwork will also be shown on the homepage in the box of the article you chose.


Do you have something else in mind and think it would be of value to us? Email us as well on and let’s discuss it through!

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