Setting Goals For The New Year

It’s almost New Year, and it’s time to set your goals. I personally never wrote a resolution. For

BANG Shall Not Stop Me From My Dreams

“BANG!” I hit my head so hard into one of the invisible walls that I thought were clear



Empathy seems to be the building block of positivity on any level of human relationships. Think of friendships,


Seeking A Path

Life always hides its most exquisite beauty in the simplest things, yet our eyes always seek beauty behind more complicated and mind intriguing things. Seek simplicity and you will achieve happiness through being content. Be realistic at the same time by accepting the simple things that you have in hand and you are able to


Words of Life

Life have taught us and will always teach its lessons till the day we die. It’s life’s way of making us who we are and what we are today, and probably what we would be remembered for after we depart it. After learning your lessons moreover in life you will have the experience of really


The Beauty Of Your World

A child describing his world:” in the morning I see the sun, the blue sky, mummy and daddy



For every day the sun rises, there is always an opportunity that is born for a person. This opportunity might be the chance of correcting something, being a better person by doing a deed, a new job, a new baby, and it goes on. For every person, opportunity has a different definition, whether it was


Vulnerability: The Birthplace of Creativity

When you think of the word vulnerability, what runs through your mind? Fear, weakness and exposure. It is


I’m Amazing

I was in a palace full with all type of luxuries; everything I ever wanted was there. I