Hear My Voice – @KalimatiSpeech

Two months ago, on 13th & 14th of October, Kalimati Communication & Rehabilitation Center, in collaboration with Dubai Healthcare city held the conference “Hear My Voice – Education & Innovation” for all people who have hearing problems. We should all do our best to raise awareness about deafness and hearing issues, and the society should support and help those


Old is Gold in Pictures

Old cultures, old portraits, old memories, old music and songs. There is a secret behind them, and a


Natural Beauty

As we go about our daily lives and rather chaotic schedules in a world with the latest technology


Dubai, The City That Never Sleeps

Dubai, the city that never sleeps. The city that is full of life. Dubai is the place that shows



Ramadan, the holy month, has come. Ramadan is the month in which you can try to be a better person. It is the month when the families always meet together. Try to help poor people, people in need, your friends and your family. Try to be honest, try to do go things that make other


Hope Is Everywhere

Hope is everywhere around us, and we should not stop believing in ourselves and in our dreams, as