Self Reflection

Walking In The Dark

When a person walks into a dark place, they generally think that they won’t be able to maneuver

A Different Kind Of Heartache

When growing up you’re bound to go through some unpleasant situations and some hardships. One of them is


11:59AM 12:00PM A minute between morning and noon. A breath between your current state, and an unexpected drastic

Pillar Of Our Family

Grandfather, you will be missed. After the guests leave, and after the lights are dimmed, and we sit

Wearing My Heart on My Tongue

You probably know the quote “I wear my heart on my sleeve”, but I prefer to think of

Finding My Flow

The word “flow” has a lot of meanings; it may refer to going along with something, moving steadily

You will always be their prisoner

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner” I came across this eye-opening

الحياد منطقةٌ مباركة.. أحياناً

‏الآخرون يحبون بشدة ويكرهون بشغف، و ينهارون كحطامٍ يائس من أجل هذا وذاك، وهذا مالا أستطيع فهمه او استيعابه حتى الآن

Self Reflection31/03/2015

The Absurdity Of Life. Get Rid Of It!

During one of my Drama classes, the word “Absurdism” was added to my list of – interesting words

Self Reflection05/02/2015

Remake of Life

A gust of wind whisks and twirls the leaves, then gently, lays them down for the final bow.


نظرتي للحياة

تعلمت من الحياة أن لا أصدق كل ما يقال دون بيان، وبأن الإنسان لا يدرك ما يحسه الغير حتى يمر بما مر به الغير

Self Reflection30/12/2014

Play Your Orchestra

Let me tell you about one of my good days at work. I’m a dentist and one day

Self Reflection27/11/2014

The Eldest

When you are the eldest among your siblings, you may feel the unfairness of why you have to


الأخ الأكبر

عندما تكون الأخ الأكبر، قد تحس بأنه من الظلم أن تقوم بتجربة  كل شيء لأول مرة وأن تتعلم

Self Reflection29/05/2014

When They Don’t Smile Back

I Smile At Strangers And Feel Awkward When They Don’t Smile Back I always knew that a smile

Self Reflection22/05/2014

Silenced Bitterness

It’s quite sad that I have to forcefully elbow myself out of my current state and towards a

Self Reflection15/05/2014

What Is My Identity

If I were to be completely honest, I have spent my entire weekend thinking about what makes Maryam’s